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Monday, March 17
anybody know anyone named jeremy in minneapolis?   minneapolis, MN

i am an old friend of this kid named jeremy who is probably in his mid to late 20's now. blonde hair, used to where it shaved, baggy jeans and sports shirts...definately a nautica and nike type dude. definately into hip hop, used to drive around in a ...

Friday, September 14
My Burger DT - m4w - 35   Minneapolis, MN

I was stuffing my face at My Burger downtown when you walked in and I couldn't take my eyes off you. Very cute brunette with pony tail, sleeveless top, black pants. I was sitting in back: dark suit, dark hair, dark eyes. Just thought you should kn...

in my dreams sugar daddy   Minneapolis, MN

I have not seen you since May. I have no right to even think about you, since i am married. You have been in my dreams a lot....and boy are they good ones :) you probably don't even think about me. But i soooo wish it was me on the back of your Harley...

Pam from Apple Valley - m4w - 54   Minneapolis, MN

We met at Redsone at the bar, while waiting for your sister. I thought we had a lot in common, and would like to get to know you better. please call me if your interested in getting together. John

Friday, August 31
"Megminn" from - m4w - 33   Minneapolis, MN

I was just finishing my profile to say "Hi" and now you're gone... Probably a long shot, but I hope to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 29
Aug 19th SLP Lifetime Black Guy Posting - m4m - 37   Minneapolis, MN

whoever posted - was unable to respond on work computer . . . please respond to this post and I will forward what i tried to respond to you.

I lost your information! - w4m - 33   Minneapolis, MN

Ugh! We met under "strictly platonic" (wink:) and we both thought a last minute dutch trip to San Fran or Seattle would be fun for this weekend or next and I just lost your info when moving info into another email. Me: Cute You: Handsome Let's d...

Thursday, August 23
Slayer/Manson Show - w4m - 28   Minneapolis, MN

I'am still looking for you. You were near the front with me. Why haven't you responded? I thought you said you lived in Madison? This will be my last attempt to try to find the nice guy in black with the goatee?

for the coffee guy - m4m   Minneapolis, MN

This is for the guy who dives truck and wears the cool earings in both ears that comes in to the Superamerica in Monticello to get a thermos and a mug of coffee in the evenings. I really want to hook up with you but didn't get a chance to talk to you ...

looking for a lost friend - m4w - 53   Minneapolis, MN

Hi, About 35 years ago I encountered a beautifull girl friend on Glencoe Mn we used to work toghether at the Green Giant co now that the time has past I would like to find her again and know a bout her she lived in Green Isle at that time if you read...

Wednesday, August 22
Blonde in Green Sweater: Lund's Cobalt - 45   Minneapolis, MN

It wasn't just because you had no fascinated me at first glance.

Re: Angie   Minneapolis, MN

your initials please...

94 W - m4m   Minneapolis, MN

You - Black Merecedes DRZ C55 Me - White convertible We exchanged glances - coffee?

Blond dog walker - m4w - 48   Minneapolis, MN

Are you the sensuous blond with the short shorts walking your dog every morning? Our eyes meet as I drive past you........ What kind of dog is that? How are your legs so long and slender? Coffee sometime?

Tuesday, August 21
May Day Cafe   Minneapolis, MN

to the brown-haired girl I frowned at, i'm sorry. often I furrow my brow when i'm thinking. I was working on my laptop and kids were running around, so there was a lot going on. If you never looked at me, once or twice, intentionally, then neverm...

shellz-High Shellz - m4w - 29   Minneapolis, MN

Your name is Shelly we hooked up a few times and I lost your number, its been at least a year since we have talked. I know you remember me because we usually had a great time. If you find this please get back to me. Pic Attached Dan from Yahoo. ...