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Tires Plus


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300 Snelling Ave N
Saint Paul, MN 55104
(651) 644-1975


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Tags: tires, auto repair, transmission, tires plus

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1 review for Tires Plus

Tires Plus
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Last February I had a flat tire in one of those subzero days, I had to find a place quick to change them, they were close so I went there. For one tire change they charged me about $100. I was desperate so I paid and had it done. A few weeks later my car started to have start up problems, then engine started to shake quite a bit. I took it to my mechanic and he said it might be the front tires (they needed to be changed). So I went back there. Before going this time I checked from their website for tires available for my car, I found one for $45, printed it and took it to them. The sales person, Leon, went all the way to make sure that I didn't get that tire, with his shady accent he first proposed that I might have entered the wrong car specifics. I insisted, so he decided to go with "we don't have that tire in our inventory" routine, I showed my printout showing they have it, he insisted they don't, placed a phony call to a random guy demonstrating all kinds of theatrics meanwhile to show that it's impossible to find that tire anywhere around. I didn't have time to go to another place so I went with his price. When they put it in the shop I went in to make sure that they don't screw anything up and MORE IMPORTANTLY DON'T DO ANYTHING SHADY. Leon came back and politely gave me the insurance talk asked me to leave the area, so I started watching them from a distance. They finished and came back to me with a transmission leak problem this time. My engine did not have any problem before going to these CROOKS. I went there with a flat tire 4 months ago and ended up with transmission leak. I don't believe in coincidences and I definitely think there is something shady going in this place. Don't go there and if you do make sure to watch what they are doing to your car, you will end up with bigger problems

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Tags: tires, auto repair, transmission, tires plus

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